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Untitled Stockport Art Gallery Jan 2015 A retrospective exhibition showcasing past works to date.

10x10 for Design Manchester 2014 an originative week-long festival, celebrating creativity, collaboration and inclusivity in the worlds of art, design, illustration, animation and photography. Group Exhibition

Working with psychologist Oliver James, author Neil Boorman and artist Steve Lambert to create a series of specially written quotes that “explore the effect of visual noise on our imaginations”.

Yorkshire in Yellow As part of Sheffield design week, Worn by race leaders in every Tour since 1919, the yellow jersey is a symbol for the talent, hard work and dedication needed to lead the Peloton. There are few cycling accolades so revered. In honour of this sporting emblem and design icon, contemporary artists and designers with a Yorkshire connection designed their own yellow T-Shirt. Yorkshire in Yellow saw over 60 t-shirt designs, suspended from the ceiling of Sheffields Millennium Gallery.  The display featured designs from Pete McKee, The Designers Republic, Faunagraphic, Kid Acne, Studio Binky, Justin Jones, TADO Group Exhibition

A text based work which drew on the unique attributes of of the sport.

No Fly Posters  2014 Jon Bland released seven quad size posters designed by seven different creatives each month, all featuring the phrase 'No Fly Posters'. The finished designs displayed on boarded-up windows on a disused former pub in Ancoats, an industrial suburb near Manchester's Northern Quarter. Including work by Hey Studio, Spin, Anthony Burrill, Erik Brandt and many more. Group Exhibition

As fly poster are changed many layers build up leaving a history in print hidden in multiple hidden skins.  This work is a homage the idea that whilst though things are hidden in the past they still have an effect on the present.

Made in Mancunia 2013 An exhibition of by Manchester based creatives. Group Exhibition

Here I juxtapose an original Russin poster of Stalin with the very dictatorial looking fashion ad by Prada with actor Gary Oldman topped off with the (potentially Zezekian but inconclusive) quote about capitalism. This was laid over some 2004 council wall paper from taken from the children's section.

Rubbing shoulders with a Turner Prize Winner, Notes from Nowhere 2012 Takes inspiration from Victorian designer William Morris’ utopian novel ‘News from Nowhere’ in which he envisaged a new, fairer future, Notes from Nowhere will feature 8 projects by critically acclaimed artists designed to encourage the general public to personal and political action including Turner Prize Winner Douglas Gordan. Group Exhibition

A piece I designed entitled 'The Finger' with the words 'Bless Those Who Curse You' was printed onto thousands of beer mats and distributed around the pubs, bars and clubs of Frome during the public exhibition.

What have I done to (de)serve this? as part of Abandon Normal Devices 2012  examines the perpetual disillusionment of a generation of artisits living through an ongoing global financial crisis. The exhibition explored the successes and failure of capitalism -- analysing the relationship between the individual with technology and society at large. Group Exhibition

For this project I used thirteen birdcages to house a variety of diverse object which raised questions about identity, value and technology through the eyes of a consumer culture.

Design The Future 2010 My first major solo exhibition and revealing of my previous four years anonymous public art works. Solo Exhibition

A collection of new works revolving around the questionable aspects of commercial culture along side a back catalogue of works which existed to carve a space amongst advertising in order to offer an alternative, positive message.