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A Guerrilla Campaign

The Naked Truth Project (TNTP) approached me to open a conversation about the elephant in the room, the emperors new clothes, the dark side of Porn.

The line I came up with drew attention to both those who may approve AND disapprove of pornography by using a line that was abstract to it's persuasion. How Good Is Porn could be a statement of praise or a question to be discussed.

A guerrilla campaign using stickers, temporary spray paint and fly posters was devised and laid out across the creative quarter, student quarter and red light district of Manchester.

TNTP wanted to create a talking point about some of the negative aspects of the damaging aspects of pornography. We devised a plan to encourage a conversation at the safest place possible. Online. Anonymously. We wanted to debunk some of the myths surrounding porn and we did this by a short and snappy online voting system.

The campaign spread to blogs and news articles including the Huffington post with a diverse response online.

The campaign was followed with Valentines day Guerrilla marketing.

Naked Truth aims to open eyes & free lives from the damaging impact of porn.

Lucy Uprichard of the Huffington Post says "If nothing else, the HGIP project forces you to reassess exactly how much of a growing concern porn is. Everybody knows at the very back of their minds that so much of pornography is morally questionable to say the least, but we rarely mention it or act upon it. There is a misconception in some feminist circles that porn is just another form of sexual freedom that should be tolerated without comment. This shouldn't be the case - if there is an area where we should be as critical as possible it is sex work. Romanticized images of Billie Piper in 'Secret Diary Of A Call Girl' aside, there are real dangers in the world of prostitution and porn that cannot be ignored, and the How Good Is Porn project is one small step towards bringing these into the public consciousness."

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