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Outdoor Curation

Having published my own printed works in public spaces for some time it seemed fitting to have a space for local as well as internationally renowned artists and designers in one space.

Interval Arts

Interval Arts have featured Jason Munn (USA), Supermundane (UK), Yener Torun (Turkey), Andrew Rae (UK), Yoshinori Mizutani (JAPAN) and Anthony Burrill (UK) among a host of up & coming and local stars.


Interval Arts provide the best international art & design threaded through advertising spaces. Interval is the space between the ads for something nice - like ice cream :-) We aim to lift the spirits of those who encounter any of our sites. We do this by changing the conversation from a corporate/consumer tone of voice to one that celebrates life using art, design, photography and humour as apposed to selling things you don’t need.

We currently have three sites, a 12 sheet billboard, a 24/7 back lit light box and a street poster site.

Interval Projects is directed by Micah Purnell, an award winning creative who has exhibited alongside Turner prize winner Douglas Gordan with over six years experience project managing art in the public realm and 20 years in the industry. His previous project of the same nature gained international recognition including features in heavy weight design publications including Creative Review, Form Fifty Five and We Heart. We have exhibited world renowned artists and designers from Sweden, Japan, UK and America.

Nature of Work
Interval runs independent of any associated sites/buildings/churches/shops. We take very careful consideration that the work exhibited is of a nature fitting to that of it’s host and conscious that all ages may come into contact with them.
Interval Projects serves to enhance physical places for the betterment of those who inhabit or pass the area. The site will add value to the host building showing a physical willingness in a visible way to change the environment for the better

1. Print & Paste  (Collaboration)

Print&Paste was a curated outdoor art space in central Manchester.
Each month a new artist was invited to exhibit work on a large 16-sheet board traditionally used by advertisers. The aim was to support the artist and inspire the public by using the space for freedom of expression, positive social commentary, and the exhibition of original work.

Featuring work by Christian Wallenius (Sweden), Matt Kendall (Retro Fuzz) (UK), Stan Chow (UK), Steve Lambert (USA), HITOTZUKI (Japan), Anthony Freda (USA), Si Scott (UK), Michael Place (Build) (UK), Phil Kay (Phil France's The Swimmer album cover) (UK), Anthony Burrill with his P&P piece in his solo show as part of Sheffield Design Week.