You Are Enough - Giclee Print

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You Are Enough - Giclee Print

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Giclée print on 300gsm Matte Satin Archival Quality paper

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You are enough

Capitalist ideology aims to impart the notion that we are worthy of love and belonging - once we have bought into the product or service.  Consumerism wraps things up in neat little packages and sells them as idealised gifts of perfection. Advertising props up this notion with the assumption that we are inadequate - stealing your love of yourself, and selling it back at a price. 

Brené Brown has found through extensive quantitive research that the one thing that keeps us from love and belonging is the fear that we are not worthy of love and belonging.

She found that those who fully experience joy and live wholeheartedly have these four characters in common: 

1. The courage to accept their imperfection,

2. Compassion towards themselves first,

3. The ability to let go of who they should be in order to be who they really are, and 

4. To embrace vulnerability and unknowing.

You’re not perfect, you’re never going to be, and that’s the good news.

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